Duncan Wood

Over the last two decades,  Duncan Wood has built-up a distinguished national and international reputation as a subtle colourist of landscape, the figure and still life.  He uses elements of figuration and abstraction together, to pay a particular homage to Nature, and his work has been recognised and championed by Lucian Freud, Andrew Devonshire and the late William Louis-Dreyfus amongst many others.  Wood is fond of quoting a section from John Berger’s essay,  ’ Steps Towards A Small Theory of The Visible ‘ (1996),  in which he wrote  …  ‘ The modern illusion concerning painting (which post-modernism has done nothing to correct),  is that the artist is a creator.  Rather, he is a receiver.  What seems like creation is the act of giving form to what he has received. ‘  

Wood sees himself as part of a long lineage of thinkers, writers, artists, and scientists,  that place Nature as their first teacher,  rather than Humankind,  as we come from Nature and not the other way round  –  as ingenious as we often are.

Born in London in 1960,  he first trained at Gloucestershire College of Art and Sheffield Hallam University,  before undertaking a Master’s in Fine Art, at The City and Guilds of London Art School.  He was, for six years from 2008, a faculty member and senior tutor at The Prince’s Drawing School,  London (now The Royal Drawing School),  before becoming Associate Lecturer of Fine Art (2011-16), at The Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield Hallam University.  He works from Derbyshire and London.

‘ I have a great deal to be indebted to Lucian Freud for, since he painted all my close family, but in addition, it was he who introduced me to Duncan Wood’s work. This was really a great favour.

 Duncan’s paintings of trees are unusual and when looking at them one is permeated by a sense of calm.’

 Andrew Devonshire,  Chatsworth,  2003


1960 Born London
1980-1 Gloucester College of Art
1981-4 Sheffield Hallam University, BA (Hons) Fine Art
1996-7 The Institute of Education (Art and Design Dept), University of London
2001-3 The City and Guilds of London Art School, MA Fine Art, Painting
2008-14 Faculty Member and Senior Tutor, The Prince’s Drawing School, London
2011-16 Associate Lecturer, Fine Art, The Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield Hallam University

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013 Derivations and New Directions, Browse & Darby, London

Selected Group Exhibitions
1986 The City Art Galleries (Graves), Sheffield
1991, ’92, ’96, ’99, ’06, ‘11 The Discerning Eye/ING Discerning Eye, Mall  Galleries, London
1991 The Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead and touring
1993, ‘96, ’98 The Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition, London
1993 Making a Mark, Drawing Symposium, London
1994, ‘05 The Hunting Art Prizes, Royal College of Art, London and touring
1994 The City Art Galleries, Glasgow and touring
1995 The City Art Galleries, Nottingham supported by Arts Council
Christie’s, King’s Street, London
1996 The Fine Art Society, London
1998-99 The National Trust, Artist in Residence – Midlands Region
1998 The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
2000 Wirksworth Festival, Derbyshire – Supported by Arts Council England
2003-4 Atlantic, Fosterart Ltd, London (with Rebecca Salter, Perla Krauze, Lance Letscher), in association with the Howard-Scott Gallery, New York
2005-7 Memories of Andrew Devonshire, Chatsworth
2006-18 Contemporary Gallery Artists, Browse & Darby, London
2006-17 Christmas Exhibition, Browse & Darby, London
2008 Andrew Cavendish, 11th Duke of Devonshire: His Life and Art Collection (with Elizabeth Frink, Stephen Conroy, Lucian Freud) Buxton Art Gallery and touring
2008 Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries, London – Finalist
2010-16 The London Art Fair (with Browse & Darby)
2011/12 Art Chicago (with Browse & Darby)
2013 Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Competition, Kings Place Gallery, London
2015 Expo Chicago (with Browse & Darby)
2016 Recording Britain Now: Society, The New Art Gallery Walsall (in association with Arts Council England) and touring
The John Ruskin Prize, The Electrician’s Gallery, Trinity Buoy Wharf (in association with the V&A and touring)

Public and Corporate Collections           

The Duke of Devonshire and the Chatsworth Settlement Trustees, Chatsworth and Lismore Castle

The William Louis-Dreyfus Foundation Inc., New York

The Finnish Embassy

The National Trust

Sheffield Hallam University

Private Collections

UK, Europe, USA, and Japan


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E-Catalogue‘Derivations and New Directions’ , Browse & Darby, London, 2013

Trunk Series
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