Lindy Guinness


“For almost twenty years Lindy Guinness was surrounded by painters and paintings but hardly held a brush herself, despite a remarkable early training that included painting with Duncan Grant and studying at the Slade with Oscar Kokoschka. It was in the late 1980s that she was able to become a painter again, and it is almost as if this long gap has, in some way, contributed to the sense of urgency and the immense drive and focus that is at the heart of Lindy Guinness life as an artist.

She has always been a highly instinctive painter, limited by the quick fluctuation in the Northern Irish weather, the inability of the cows to remain completely still for long periods and the demands of her own life, to a certain period of time spent on each picture. These recent paintings mark a new method of working. Some have been resolved quickly and spontaneously, but many have been repainted over a considerable period of time, taking on and overcoming problems of a particular technical nature about how a picture can be made to work, without losing the artists essential nervy liveliness. This absorption has fed back into her nature as a painter and her approach to painting.”

Dickon Hall
October 2004

Selected Solo Exhibitions
1971 Harvane Gallery, London
1972 Hole in the Wall Gallery, Belfast
1976, ‘82 Gordon Gallery, Derry
1978 Maclean Gallery, London
1981, ‘98 Soloman Gallery, Derry
1984 Hartnoll & Eyre, London
1986, ’00, ’04, ‘09, ’19 Browse & Darby, London
1995 Mushroom Watercolour Show, Coughton Galleries, Northamptonshire
1996 Across the Irish Sea, Spink Gallery, London
2003 Salander O’Reilly, New York
2006 Jorgensen Fine Art, Dublin
2011 Galerie Tino Zervudachi, Paris

Selected Group Exhibitions
2003-05 Group Exhibition, Ava Gallery, Clandeboyne Estate