Matthew Smith, 2006

Matthew Smith 1879 – 1959

20 April – 26 May 2006

“A friendship began between Matthew, aged 62, and me, aged 25, and that friendship flourished over all the years until he died. We went to Paris together many times and the great age gap between us seemed to make no difference. We went to many places and he taught me many things that I would never otherwise have learned and I shall always feel immeasurably privilaged to have been allowed to share a small bit of his life.”

— Roald Dahl

Extract of Searching for Mr Smith, written for our 1983 catalogue. Reprinted in this 2006 catalogue at the kind permissio of Mrs. Felicity Dahl.

A fully illustrated colour exhibition catalogue with 34 reproductions of Matthew Smith’s work, ranging from 1909 until 1955.

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