Diana Armfield: A Lyrical Eye, 2021

Diana Armfield: A Lyrical Eye, by Andrew Lambirth, published by Paul Holberton Publishing, 2021

Diana Armfield RA Hon RWS NEAC has a highly personal attachment to subject and a subtly distinctive affinity with the rhythms of form and tone. These qualities make her an important, influential figure in modern British art – and a very popular one. Flower paintings have brought her wide acclaim, but this book – created to mark her 100th birthday – also richly represents Diana’s feeling for landscape and place. Including an inspiring number of more recent works, it brings her fascinating artistic and life story up to date.

Diana Armfield: A Lyrical Eye charts Diana’s personal and artistic journey with over 200 beautiful reproductions of her work, tracing favourite subjects and events – from a Welsh landscape to an informal flower display or the much-loved location of a painting trip in Italy or France. Andrew Lambirth’s interview also explores the unique bond with her husband, painter Bernard Dunstan, who died in 2017, looking at how two leading artists interwove their personal and creative lives over a marriage of almost 70 years. As well as this interview, Andrew has contributed an essay on Diana’s work to the book.

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