Work of the Month – September

Still Life with Pine Cones, Willow Pattern Dish & Grasses in a Jar, 2014
pencil on paper
33 x 33 1/2 inches

September’s Work of the Month is Edmund Chamberlain’s Still Life with Pine Cones, Willow Pattern Dish & Grasses in a Jar.

Born in Yorkshire in 1968, British artist Edmund Chamberlain studied at Newcastle University under Patrick Symons, whose influence can be felt in his rendering of landscape and, in particular, his still life works. Winner of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award, the Pollock Krasner Foundation Award and shortlisted for the Villiers David Prize, in 2005 Chamberlain won the prestigious ING Purchase Prize at the annual Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London.

His work is held in public and private collections in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. Chamberlain has also exhibited frequently in solo and group shows at Browse & Darby, London.

It is Chamberlain’s desire to encourage viewers of his paintings to reconsider conventional notions of beauty by choosing subject matter that is often ignored or overlooked. The artist says it is the importance of “rendering the small details – the shape and scale of a branch, the line where trees meet sky, the spiral twist of a dried leaf – in such a way so as not to distract from the whole picture” that propels his daily work.