Victoria Crowe’s paintings prove inspirational for award winning musician

Thea Musgrave, winner of the ‘Sky Southbank Arts Award for Classical Music’, says her Trumpet Concerto was inspired by leading Scottish artist Victoria Crowe’s 2018 Festival Show at the Scottish Gallery, ‘A Certain Light’.

The painting ‘Opening Out’ forms a central impetus for the concerto, after having been the first work viewed by the composer in the exhibition. Musgrave saw “the energy of the tree reaching from the roots upwards and outwards” and felt it “could be a metaphor for the journey of life”.

The illustrated composer’s note details specific paintings by Victoria Crowe that inspired the five movements of the composition.

The Sky South Bank Award is commissioned by the Cheltenham Music Festival, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra Gustavo Dudamel, for Alison Balsom.

Image: Victoria Crowe, Opening Out, oil on linen, 81 x 96.5 cm