Elizabeth Blackadder & Barbara Rae

In association with Glasgow Print Studio

Elizabeth Blackadder
Barbara Rae

1 – 8 May 2021

We are pleased to present an exhibition of original prints published by Glasgow Print Studio as part of London Original Print Week 2021.

Dame Elizabeth Blackadder and Barbara Rae are two of Scotland’s pre-eminent painter-printmakers. This exhibition will showcase publications made at Glasgow Print Studio, the result of long collaborative relationships between artists and Master Printers. A range of techniques are evident, from intaglio to screenprint and carborundum, and stylistic expressions from the stark and carefully observed cats of Blackadder to the intense colour bursts and geographically-grounded abstracted compositions of Rae.

For further information on London Original PRint Week is part of London Original Print Fair. For further information visit their website here.