Ed Hodgkinson

Drawing the Line is Ed Hodgkinson’s first solo show at Browse and Darby.

He will show work derived from one fundamental source; drawing. Large scale enamel on aluminium paintings are juxtaposed with large charcoal on paper drawings and smaller drawn and painted works.

For Hodgkinson, drawing is an abstract translation from the seen, the drawn line like a stream of consciousness, or as Erika Naginski describes it ‘…an activity that exemplifies an imagination in flux’. Consequently Hodgkinson’s practice meanders lyrically between line and form, re-evaluating the tradition of mark making, from the spontaneous to the sustained. Hodgkinson transposes the qualities of chance, spontaneity & abbreviation found in line drawing directly into his painting allowing a sense of free-flowing movement and vitality to occur. Other works however meditate upon the sculptural qualities produced through prolonged observation.

Ed Hodgkinson (1973) lives and works in London. He has exhibited widely, in London and internationally, showing in New York, LA, Tokyo, Cape Town, Stockholm and Reykjavik. He studied at Camberwell College of Art and is represented by galleries in London and Cape Town.