Anthony Fry (1927-2016): A Memorial Exhibition

Fry’s pictures – like all good visual art – defy words. With words we cannot get nearer to them than a map can get to a landscape. We can enter them only with our eyes. Once within them, the eyes may tell the skin something. Once within, the eyes may see even with the eyelids shut.

-John Berger

Browse & Darby are delighted to present a retrospective exhibition of paintings by the British artist Anthony Fry. The memorial exhibition will comprise works lent from prestigious private collections, spanning the artist’s illustrious career.

Fry travelled widely throughout his life, spending many months at a time living and working in Italy, Spain, Morocco, and – towards the end of his life – India. India became a central source of inspiration; a place much loved by an artist who gained inspiration from the landscape, culture, and the people he met there.

Fry’s work, described as a ‘sensuous fantasy’ by art critic Bryan Robertson, is characterised by strong, intense colour. Heavily influenced by the Abstract Expressionists, Fry’s compositions fuse abstract colour with succinct figurative overtones. Figures float in a sea of intense pigment, somewhere between a recognizable landscape and a dreamlike plane.