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Anthony Fry, Paintings and Works on Paper, 2000-11

Euan Uglow – The Complete Paintings

Catherine Lampert

This beautiful catalogue raisonne is the most comprehensive publication on the artist’s work.
The book includes over 400 colour illustrations of the paintings and an informative essay by Richard Kendall.
Published by Yale University Press.
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Anthony Fry

One of the most individual achievements of British painting….Almost alone among English painters of his generation, Fry reasserts the prestige of the dreamer.

John Russell

Anthony Fry is a poet of colour. In this the first book of his work, this English painter of note represents the work of several decades, from travels in Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Spain, India, and beyond. The major sources of inspiration of Fry’s work, notably the dreamlike landscapes of the equatorial zones, the nude in all its permutations, and the shuttered spaces of meditative interiors, all show Fry’s dexterity with form and signature mastery of colour: incandescent, powerful, full of life.

This groundbreaking monograph includes nearly 180 reproductions in full colour of paintings and works on paper from nearly every period, including photographs of the artist in his studio near Bath, England, and Fort Cochin, Kerala, southern India. The book includes essays by a number of notable writers, including playwright Tom Stoppard, novelist John Berger, memorist, translator, and last surviving member of Bloomsbury, Frances Partridge, as well as lengthier texts by critics Bryan Robertson and Andrew Lambirth and an interview with Fry by Cathy Courtney done for the British Library. Together they provide a much needed and long overdue comprehensive evaluation and discussion of Fry’s work.

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Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith (1879 - 1959)

Exhibition Catalogue, 20 April – 26 May 2006
A fully illustrated colour catalogue with 34 reproductions of Matthew Smith’s work ranging from 1909 until 1955.
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Euan Uglow 9th May – 1st June 2007

Fully illustrated exhibtion catalogue with foreword by Andrew Lambirth
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Euan Uglow – Some Memories of the Painter

Collected by Susan Campbell

Susan Campbell knew Euan Uglow for 50 years. She was a fellow student with him at the Slade from 1950 to 1953 and on leaving became an illustrator. She married Robin Campbell in 1959 and started wrting cookery books in 1970. She has been writing and illustrating books on the history of walled gardens since 1980. This collection of memories of Euan was something she felt compelled to make, after he died.

‘Euan was an extraordinary man. His talent was recognised from an early age and it went from strength to strength. People who knew him understood at once why I wanted to write this book; they cherished him for his dogged and passionate pursuit of his art; for his loyalty, funniness, wisdom and honesty; for his strength, both mental and physical, and for his love of good company, which in his case meant wine, food, friends, women and argument.’ – Susan Campbell

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Anthony Eyton

Anthony Eyton

Anthony Eyton is one of the countrys most distinguished figurative painters. This, the first monograph on the artist, reproduces over 120 works and covers the whole of Eytons career and range of subject matter.

Jenny Perys text draws on the artists personal diaries to provide a fresh and contemporary view on events both public and private.

In a career that has spanned more than six decades, Eytons work continues to have a relevance and humanity that is evident from the pages of this handsomely produced book.Price 25-00

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By the Look of Things – The Life and Work of Robert Organ

Jenny Pery

Robert Organ has pursued a painting career that reflects his personal concerns and beliefs.He works within the long tradition of Western painting, an inheritance which he believes is still capable of endless renewal and re-invigoration. He seeks a way of seeing which is specific to painting so that the look of things becomes inseparable from pictorial necessity, a fusion hard won from the continual flux of contradictions, doubts, confusions and false ambitions of life.
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Euan Uglow – drawings

Fully illustrated catalogue available from the July 2003 drawing exhibition.

price: 5.00

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Euan Uglow


At the gallery we are constantly asked for Euan Uglow’s exhibition catalogues. All are long out of print so we thought that time was right for an independent record of some of his paintings

This volume does not purport to be, nor is it, a catalogue raisonne. It is a book of paintings, selected by Euan Uglow and ourselves.

William Darby 1998

Euan Uglow is one of Britain’s most distinguished figurative painters, whose work has been exhibited in major museums and galleries in this country and abroad for almost four decades. Widely associated with pictures of the nude, the human head and still life, Uglow is now famed for the tenacious quality of his observation and the meticulousness of his technique. Each of his paintings takes months and often years to complete, and each is the outcome of an unusually exacting analysis of form, colour, light and spatial relationships.

After studying at Camberwell School of Art and the Slade School of Art, Euan Uglow established himself in a studio in London where he drew and painted directly from the model precisely calculating arrangements of chosen objects. He travelled and worked in Europe on many occasions, and has taught in London and China. From 1990 to 1995 he was a trustee of the National Gallery.

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Euan Uglow – A personal choice by Craigie Aitchison

Exhibtion catalogue for the Euan Uglow show at The Holburne Museum of Art, Bath.
14th October 2006 to 28th January 2007
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Elizabeth Blackadder

Duncan Macmillan

Elizabeth Blackadder is one of the best known and respected artists at work today in the British Isles. Her work ranges through still life, landscape and flower painting. She lives and works in Scotland and belongs to the tradition of Scottish painters such as William Gillies, one of her teachers, and Anne Redpath. She has exhibited in London and elsewhere since the early 1960′s and her paintings are known to a wide public through extensive reproduction.
Elizabeth Blackadder is the first woman to be elected to both the Royal Academy and the Royal Scottish Academy.
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