John Duncan Fergusson – Works on Paper

Browse & Darby are delighted to announce their upcoming exhibition of works by John Duncan Fergusson. The exhibition will feature more than 70 drawings by the celebrated Scottish artist, alongside several watercolours.

Fergusson was the most international of the Scottish Colourists and is best known for his paintings of metropolitan life and portraits of women. He was born in Leith, Edinburgh but spent much of his adult life living and working in Paris where he became closely associated with the prominent modern artists of the day, Derain and Matisse amongst them. Heavily influenced by the art he encountered there, and by Fauvism in particular, his first years in Paris were the most transitional years of his professional working life.

On display at Browse & Darby is a collection of drawings from this important period which were acquired by a friend of the artist directly from the artist or his partner Margaret Morris and many of which have never previously been exhibited. Drawing was a cornerstone of Fergusson’s practice and fundamental to how he developed both technically and conceptually. These works provide therefore not only a fascinating document of his life but also of his experimental approach to working from observation.

This exhibition is organised in association with Alexander Meddowes Fine Art.